Monday, October 17, 2011

Martin-Gramajo Wedding

How much can someone mean to you? While photographing the wonderful people at the Martin-Gramajo wedding, Laura and Justin showed everyone around them just what that can mean...

If means enough that you'll never forget.

It means you can make a promise to someone.

That you would walk in their shoes.

If you have something...

You would share.

If you were apart...

Then you make it count when you're together.

There were plenty of people at this wedding. Yet, so often I could tell that for much of their celebration, it was just the two of them, lost in the moment.

It was an absolute pleasure to be part of their day. Laura, probably the most laid back bride I've ever know, made life easy on me. I couldn't help but be laughing anytime I was within 10 feet of Justin. You could tell they were having fun.

Congratulations to Laura and Justin. I hope you both have a long and happy life together.

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