Monday, May 28, 2012

Salvaged shots

The photo meetup group that I attend at time announced a "Steampunk" shoot coming up. I decided it was high time I dust off my lenses, and finally get to shooting again. Unfortunately, there were significant pitfalls with this shoot.

The models were an hour late, cutting into the overall time we had. The location was not as promised (It had mentioned large window light availability), and the 3 areas set up had woefully inadequate lighting. It was far from ideal, but I managed to scrape together some shots worth posting.

At the very least, this whet my appetite for my favorite hobby again. Hopefully I'll get active out there again soon.


  1. Um, I wouldn't call these pix "scraped together"!! (I love them :-) Glad you finally found some time to get back at it.

  2. The shoot had a low % of "keepers". That's what I meant. Oh, and thanks, Zeis. :)