Friday, November 16, 2012

James and Niru

One of my lifelong friends was married over the weekend. James wed Niru in a fantastic celebration of culture and love, and probably one of the most memorable events I've ever seen or been a part of. Not only did I get to see two great people unite, they threw one heck of a party.  With old and new friends abound, DJ Raj spun the hits and the dance floor barely stopped rocking.

I also may go my whole life without dancing and singing someone parade-style into their wedding ceremony for a solid 20 minutes. Did I mention he was on a mighty steed? No? Well he was, observing us honoring him in traditional indian fashion - white people dancing dances they just learned.

Congratulations guys, love you both.

Now, the photos...

Prior to the wedding, I was asked to photograph a gathering at the house of the parents of the bride.
The idea behind this was to capture the women getting their henna applied by the skilled artists they had on hand. Of course, I tried to simply document what was going on around me as well.

While the area we occupied was lit well enough, a larger and larger crowd accumulating presented its challenges, to find the angles and compete with ever changing shadow conditions with my limited setup.

Being relatively uninspired lately in my photographic endeavors, I think this latest body of work is enough to whet my appetite to get back into the swing of things with much more regularity. Looking forward to, of course, vacation redux after Hurricane Sandy waged it's war on my relaxation.

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