Sunday, May 23, 2010

Can't miss

Sometimes you've got a work a little harder depending on the subject matter you're shooting. I know, I'm bias, but with my little just don't even need to try :).
I'm going to miss their official 1 year birthday party while I'm away, so I stopped by my brother's place to take some unofficial shots of them at juuust about 1 year old.

Quislai, one of my brother's two cats, removes herself from the fray after a few infant left hooks to her face. She preferred to observe from afar then be on the front lines.

Lost in the sea of toys and playpadding.

Gimmicks be damned, I love a good selective desaturation now and again. Also, I am really pleased with the 24-70 so far, this was one of the best test conditions I've used it under in terms of portraits, and ...well just look!


  1. I LOVE those blue eyes! I can't believe the twins are almost a year old :-O
    (BTW, I especially like the ears on that cat!)

  2. My bro's kids are just too cute...Quislai's ears have something going on with the ambient light, they normally look just plain black.