Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Landscapes

I missed the chance to really get any good foliage shots last year, so I wanted to try to get some this time around.

Here are some shots from northern Vermont where I attended a bachelor party this weekend, and still found a few minutes to wander and capture some of the surroundings:

I took this on a very chilly morning the 2nd day there. I had driven 200 miles and was operating on about 3 hours of sleep, but I saw that red tree and it just kind of lured me in...The morning light was really spectacular, giving the fields a very golden look.

We had a cabin off of this road, down and camera left. There was a nice wooded area by a pond..."Ticklemenaked" pond to be precise.

I went back up the hill and crossed the road away from the intersection where I stood above, and headed towards the field on the other side of the my favorite little set of red trees. From there i was able to get a decent view of the surrounding area and tried a few panoramics again:

Satisfied for the moment, and not about to miss out on the breakfast I could smell wafting up the hill, I started to pack it in, and nabbed one quick shot before I left to resume celebrating what limited single-life my friend had left.

All in all, the foliage wan't absolutely perfect, but the general surroundings were so nice I decided to at least see what I would get from it. I'm pretty pleased with the I'm just a sucker for landscapes.