Sunday, August 21, 2011

Boston Models

I had the very fortunate experience today to find myself in the Boston public gardens surrounded by nice people who all share a passion that I do. It was the first meet-up with a new portrait photo-group I have joined, and it was a great first experience.

Twenty five photographers attended, joined by 5 or so models, and a makeup artist. We had the run of a decent chunk of the public gardens before the number of people became interesting to work with.

As the models finished with makeup photographers branched off in small groups and moved into different locations. We had a rotation to split time shooting and holding reflectors for others. There was only slight jostling for position, and most of it was simply inadvertent shot-crossing trying to get a new angle. People were very nice, and models were receptive to ideas photogs would suggest now and then.

I would certainly say I was young for the photographer contingent, if not the youngest. I was much closer in average age to the models. I hope I am still shooting when I'm the age of some of the group's members. I know I can only improve, and if or when I mirror the experience of some (45 years), I look forward to seeing how I've developed by then.

I took far too many shots to share, so here at my favorite dozen or so:

Some of these will probably find their way into my portrait portfolio in this ongoing overhaul. I'm always open to suggestions on what you think is best. :)

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