Sunday, August 7, 2011

Portfolio Overhaul

Time to clean the cobwebs out of the portfolio. My tastes change with new and adapted styles and techniques both shooting and processing. It seems silly to have a static group of images represent my best or favorite works, if the criteria I used to judge them is always changing.

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Therefore, in the spirit of that, I'm updating the "expressionist" portion of my site first.

These photos used to represent my continuing...journey... in finding out the different things my camera and software were capable of. I would show the "best" of my attempts at striking color, composition, or subjects slightly out of my own ordinary.

My newest additions take this portfolio section in a new direction. The direction I chose for my latest "expressionist" photos, tell a story, make a statement, or (hopefully) invoke some feeling.

Several of these photos are personally important to me and, I feel, have the rare ability to convey the emotions felt by the photographer to the viewer.

You'll notice all of them but one are in B&W. I subscribe to the oft stated opinion that sometimes color can be distracting, and I'd rather have people concentrate on substance, rather than style for much of this section.

Feel free to view them on the site, or check them out below:


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