Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gold Star BLVD

This past weekend I did some shooting during a recording session for a friends' band called Gold Star BLVD. Later on, I may be doing some live-show photography for Zach, who is in G.S.B. and another band, gigging in Boston and Worcester in May. I'm excited about the prospect of that, but the recording session was interesting in its' own right.

During the first session Darter the guitarist, decided at the last minute to tell me he doesn't play in under the lights in the studio...he plays and jams under candle light....great..and just 10 minutes earlier I had realized my Vivitar off-camera setup was out of batteries. So, no fill light for me in this very dark studio.

I had to get creative, so I ended up using a mix of slow sync flash, "puffer'd" flash, and standard long exposures.

Zach, who I thought was the bassist, also laid down a different guitar track next. Luckily, he plays with the lights on. Unluckily, the studio is pretty boring in terms of photographic potential. I tried a mix of angles, crops, and overenthusiastic use of bokeh to liven the shots up.

After Zach's session, I did a few shots of Victor on the drums, and then listened to their almost completely finished track back in the "booth" part of the studio. I had to say, I was really quite impressed. I'm too lazy to Post Victor's drum shots. But I'll have to link to the whole shoot.

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