Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New ventures

I guess you'd call my lasted gig "product" photography. Advertising, maybe. Either way it was something I've never quite done before.
I was hired to showcase an artisan's wooden chest and interior decorating skills for an upcoming issue of Boston Design Guide. The June 2010 issue I believe.
The shoot only took about 20 minutes. Lighting wasn't too much of an issue as ambient light from the windows were enough to act as a decent "fill" for what the lamps lacked. The temp/tint/hue issue foreseen from the very yellow lamps was minor, and what I couldn't adjust for on-scene, I could easily manage at home in LightRoom.

The real challenge for this was the fact that the wall this piece was up against was literally almost the same width of the piece itself. My client made it clear she did not want any kind of background of her house in the image. Also, there was a slightly blown out (in comparison), and distracting light that leaked in from the front door which nestled itself into the bottom right of the frame.

So, not only did I have to crop out as much as possible, I had to engineer more background than actually existed for her wishes to be fulfilled. Covering up the light switch and some railings on either side was a snap...but creating a whole, textured, differently lit background for the last 1/8 of each side of the frame? With no discernible artifacts?

Yeah. That took some work. I should probably post a "before" photo too, but I don't have one handy with me right now.

Anyways, the client LOVED it, so I'm very pleased that I pulled it off. Now to look for my next challenge.

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