Friday, March 12, 2010


In my anticipation of going to Chicago for business, I took a brief hiatus of photography. Once there, I pulled out all the stops.

I took along almost all of my gear minus external lighting and stands (which would have been a bit ridiculous). So I walked the city with my 3 lenses, and tripod etc etc. I really enjoyed having my tripod with me while out shooting everyday. Not only for the fact that I could take shots requiring the tripod, but because it forced me to take pause whenever I was considering a shot if I wanted to set everything up. It made me conceptualize my shot before just snapping away. When I was setting up the shot, I took that much more time to properly compose, expose, and correct where needed. Here's a good example of when I was in this mindset:

I tried to get out of my own head occasionally and really think about what I was seeing and find something interesting about everyday scenes or objects. How I portrayed that depended on the style in which I decided to conduct that shot. I got into a little bit of an "urban" mindset for about an hour, which led to shots like this:

Overall, I feel this was a fairly productive trip in terms of generally being able to execute the shots I wanted to, and being pleased with the results. The full set of pics from the trip can be seen here:

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